Breathe of Life

New lifestyle when it comes to approaching relationships and friendships can be beneficial in achieving a more positive outlook for life in general. But what exactly do I know?

I understand that there’s a lot of hostility between people that feel like others are being “fake” and what not. In the end, it shouldn’t be dwelled upon. I’m sure there has been many people that easily cut others out of their life for the sake of having less drama. Don’t be confused with me placing myself in a bias position.

Ever wonder about certain things you couldn’t ever answer? Ever wondered how unusual would it be if we were or weren’t friends?  Sometimes the unexplainable things are the truth. What we can’t explain is the answer.

All I know is, I’m tired of stressin’. I’m tired of feeling sad about something that is ridiculous. Why longer dwell on the things that I shouldn’t be sweatin’.? I just hope that leaving the drama behind is not a sign of weakness or carelessness. Finally taking into account of what really matters. Putting the grudges behind never felt better. I try not to paint a picture of myself within myself that I’m not immature. It’s clear that there have been times when I am overwhelmed with emotions, act on my immaturity.

I’ve been clear and reassured with some, but others not so sure. One thing is for sure I want to live with a lighter heart.

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