Money Talks

Life of a college student. – Need I say more?

I know that money will always be an issue. Someone once told me that it will always be a problem and that we can’t stress about it. Okay, that “someone” is JP. He inspires me a whole lot, more than anyone can understand. But my thoughts on the economic crisis is expressed within these next paragraphs. Money is money, but after all, “More money more problems” right? Wait, what?

After this December I won’t be able to use “being a college student” as an excuse anymore. Wait, time out, I can use the “the economy is horrible and we’re in a recession” excuse though. With that being said, graduating college doesn’t mean I won’t be financially worry free without all my student expenses. It’s expensive to stay in school and it’s expensive to graduate. I paid about $40 to graduate. Can you believe that? To apply for graduation they charge you too? Sneaky son of a guns, huh? Anyway they can, they’ll suck the living day lights out of you for every single penny. They take money away from our schools to up the tuition and make us cough up more money to stay in school. The irony about it is education is highly respected and in order to obtain a great career we’re encouraged to go to school. Am I the only one bewildered about all this? Yeah, I don’t know a damn thing about finance and what not, but all I know is somewhere down the line we’re all screwed no matter what we choose to do in life.

Can a pretty penny go a long way? Education is by far the  best way to advance in a well-worth career. But these days, how much can a degree help you rather than hurt you? You often hear time and time again that graduates may be over qualified for a position. What does society expect from us if we can’t even acquire the career of our dreams with the degree we’ve earned? How are we supposed to even get by in this world?

Either way, we’re screwed with whatever choice we make. A dead-end job at Mcdees compared to competing with recent grads in a tough job market with a bachelor’s degree sounds far more compelling and reasonable in order to get some things paid for. How long do we have to wait until the economy redeems itself? If it’s taking this long, where is the hope?

Personally, I am the most unselfish person when it comes to money. I don’t mind helping people out if I can, especially my family and loved ones. Unfortunately, with my situation this past year or two, it has been difficult to prove that. But it’s during these times that I see who’s really there for me or who’s not. I will and I promise this, spoil my loves ones rotten when I have the funds to do so. I wouldn’t even mind driving all the time as soon as I get a car. So many people that’s loved me has sacrificed wasting gas picking up and dropping my ass off at home and what not and even sharing with me or spotting me for certain things. Thank you and you will NOT be forgotten.

I’m not ashamed to admit the tough times in the money department in my life because I know and understand that there are many others in the same struggle. It’s a matter of coming together and staying positive about the situation, helping each other out and being a great source of support. Instead of bickering about who’s to drive who or pay for what or comparing who has better what and what not, we should be embracing and uniting in order to help each other get through these tough times. I know, super hippie-like, but hey, it beats being negative about the situation.

Love, love, and let love win. ❤

ps. Ironically Destiny’s Child’s song, “Bills Bills Bills” started playing on Pandora as I ended this post. Oh life’s surprises.

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