What you don’t say out loud goes on Twitter and Facebook

Where the hell did your Twitter go?

Okay, I admit, I had another melt down last weekend and off sudden impulse, deleted my second (yes, second) Twitter account. Why? I over-react with myself and get so fed up with things that I feel like it’s so unnecessary to keep. Fortunately, for folks interested in reading these posts, I have gravitated towards blogging more rather than tweeting ridiculous random thoughts throughout a day. BUT, I have no idea if that’s necessarily a good thing. That would mean I have more time to write more opinionated things in bulk.

But, who gives a shit!? Not me, or so I think. I know, sometimes I feel like I miss it and sometimes I know that I don’t. I feel like I don’t want to know what’s on everyone’s minds at any given point, I have Facebook to see the rest of some 600+ friends’ thoughts. As if Facebook isn’t enough, we have to keep up with so many other social networks. With Google+ competing or testing out their potential selves as competition, it’s getting quite overwhelming in the Internet atmosphere. At the same time, I’m learning to control what I post and what I don’t. There are some thoughts that should not be shared, but at the same time, people post things all the time that I’d rather not know either. Some people have great control and others don’t. Quite frankly, those who abuse this posting privilege are the ones who annoy me. Hey, we’re all entitled to our opinions aren’t we?

But you can throw the argument back at me and just say, why don’t you unfollow them or delete them off your list? Good point, I’d rather not for the sake of “causing such drama.” You delete someone off your Facebook and all of a sudden you’re a dick for being real. You keep them in your list and then post subliminal messages towards one another. Either way, no one knows how to truly contain themselves from getting butt hurt with whatever decision you make via online.

One of the biggest things I hate are subliminal messages through these networks. Is it really necessary to voice your opinions about someone that is indeed going to see it (not to mention others that don’t even apply to the status)? Yeah, they may be completely unaware and oblivious towards the fact that you just ousted them and said shit about them, but it doesn’t make it any more right. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but voicing bitchy remarks about a person in front of a naive audience doesn’t up your cool factor on the society scale.

I know that there may have been more than one occasion where a post slipped about someone, but mainly, it’d be a focus on the mood I’m in, not bashing another person. It’s not even like that at all. I never intentionally want to hurt anyone, wait maybe just one. Just kidding, I’m over that phase. It’s at that point in my life where I feel like I’m mature enough to admit my mistakes, own up to them, and change what I don’t want to happen in the future.

What’s the pretty saying? “Before you judge another make sure your hands are clean first” – Or something along those lines. It’s relevant in pointing out the fact that yes, I’m making these opinions and yet I’m not entirely innocent either. What’s the difference between me and you? I own up to my wrongs and make things right, at least attempt to.

So word of advice: Get it together and leave the high school bullshit behind. Got a problem with someone? Address them to their face, not via social networks. Cyber bullying is not winning.

2 thoughts on “What you don’t say out loud goes on Twitter and Facebook

    1. Aw thanks Lisa! I really enjoy reading yours a lot too! I’m not even joking! We have a lot in common, more than I ever thought. Hehe. Keep writing and it means a lot to me that you enjoy reading my posts. <33

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