Old-time Harry Potter Fan

When I was first introduced to the first Harry Potter book, I was 11-years-old in the 6th grade. My 6th grade teacher at John Marshall was my favorite teacher of all time. I had such a great time in that class that I’ll never forget Mrs. Kelley. I don’t think she’s there anymore, I’m pretty sure she retired.

I thought Harry Potter was so far-fetched and extreme that I honestly probably wasn’t too into it at first. But I was always a book worm and I loved to read when I was little. I’m sad that I rarely take the time to read like I used to. But it wasn’t long before I was hooked on the adventures Harry and his friends encountered. I began anxiously awaiting sequals and made my mom snatch them from Costco as soon as they were released. I’d read each book in about 2 weeks or less. Unfortunately, I stopped at the 5th and started getting lazy. Personally, the 5th was my least favorite of 1-5 because it was really slow, but the end was the most exciting part. I re-read it like more than 5 times because I had stopped reading it for a while. Finally, I’m barely reading the 6th book (I have all 7). It’s taking a little while to get to the good parts so I’m lagging again.

I never liked to jump into whatever’s hyped in society at the moment. But I cannot deny that I’ve always been a Harry Potter fan. I have been one since I was 12. I must admit, I’m not a great fan because I have not seen all the movies and I have not finished the 6th and 7th book. I’ve always preferred the books over the movies and I am pretty adamant  about not watching the movies until I finished reading the book. I don’t want the movies to spoil it for me.

With that being said, I will hopefully get some pages in today and can’t wait to get to the good parts because it’s starting quite slow for me again.

Tah-tah Muggles!

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