Blog Life

Lately, I’ve been inspired to keep writing. It keeps me sane. There were many times I opened up a clean page to add a new post, but click backspace when I realize I don’t really have a thing to say. Which is quite odd because somehow I always feel like I have something to say. Rambling at its best.

I’ve been coming across some blogs and surprisingly some has caught my attention. The fact that I haven’t really subscribed many or read a lot doesn’t mean I have fully emerged into the blogging life, but it has inspired me to continue this. I never realized how intriguing reading about how other people perceive life. Their angle is unique and there’s nothing comparable. I think that is the beauty of this social network.

How much is too much? When do you know how to control how much you say or what you say?

Now that I think about it a lot of ideas come to mind about what I want to write.

That’s the thing though, you never want to write something that won’t be interesting. You’ll feel like it’s such a waste of time. But I’ve become so inspired that I feel like it won’t matter if it doesn’t seem interesting. The fact that it’s a different perspective is enough to be somewhat interesting. Okay, I don’t know, but clearly I don’t care or I would have stopped writing this already.

Take care and I just felt like rambling.

5 thoughts on “Blog Life

  1. I like miss Hazzle! I actually blog personally, still. But one thing i’ve learned and will continue to criticize myself about is that when it comes to blogging, It never needs to be good enough, somewhere, someone will need to read WHATEVER you say, love. Hence, me! sometimes i get that writers block harshly, mostly bc I’m a busy woman, but sometimes bc i feel the way u do sometimes, nothing interesting tends to come out. Sometimes, i have too much to say and end up not writing it, ha ha! Someone told me that the beauty of writing is that u DO IT…we are all different n therefore we all need to hear each others…rambling =)

    1. Thank You Shanon! You don’t even know how much that means to me. I feel extremely inspired to see that people are actually interested in some of the things that I have to say. It’s nice from strangers to tell me, but even more reassuring to hear from people that I know. Any reader is enough to let me know that I shouldn’t stop. So thank you and I want to see you blog! (:

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