A toast to the Past, Present, and Future

In a couple years, the way I envisioned my life would be slightly different than the way it is now. Why think so far ahead in the future? Sometimes it seems unhealthy to do so because you end up expecting it to go exactly the way you picture it.

Yesterday I attended an old-time friend’s baby shower. I’ve known her since we were 12-years-old. It’s amazing to know that even though we went through some years not speaking to each other it’s really nice to see that we can pick up right where we left off. Some things never change with some people and it’s a real nice refreshing feeling. I can say that we started off close and mid-range went our separate ways, but eventually in the end somehow managed to make sure we are now a part of each other’s life. It’s nice to see that Facebook does some miracles like so. My mom had her high school reunion a couple weeks ago and they haven’t seen each other in years. Re-kindling old friendships are nice. It makes me realize how much that person does mean in my life and how I’d really like to create a stronger friendship. At such life-changing events like having a baby or getting married, it’s nice to see that an old friend would love for me to be a part of their special occasion. That feeling is pretty genuine. That same day another friend was celebrating his son’s birthday. I haven’t seen him in years and unfortunately I wasn’t quite invited (I found out from a friend), but it was just amazing to see how everyone has grown and literally moved on in life.

To see where we used to be, where we once were, and how we are now is a blessed feeling.

Thank you for meeting you, having a moment with you in time, and being a part of a special time in your life; To the past, present, and future.

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