Run and Don’t hide

It’s been a rough couple weeks. Stress can take a toll on us all. I knew that it can affect your physical health, but I didn’t know it was anything severe. Ok, relax! I’m not dying or anything. It was just interesting to hear JP tell me that’s why I’m always complaining that I’m not feeling great. Yeah, I don’t get sick often, but I do just think that it was interesting to hear what he had to say about my constant migraines and stomach aches.

Let’s not mention this pounding headache I currently have. When the heck is this ibuprofen going to kick in? Let’s digress….

What started to be a normal day, ended in a lame disaster. There were no signs or clues that anything was going to be any different or negative from any other day. It’s weird because I can be the person with the longest patience or the person with the shortest fuse. You choose. It was fun up until a semi-nervous breakdown of the sort. It happens. We’re all human. I know. Some people just can’t handle the stress and cope with certain things. When certain realizations occurred, I know it couldn’t have happened any other way. So I’m thankful it did, but painful to live through.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that maybe everything I’m saying makes no sense.

It’s just kind of amazing how things turn around and play its course. It amazing to see ourselves in a different perception. It’s amazing to see how many epiphanies we conjure up in a lifetime. We always know that we always have to go through the bad to appreciate the good.

Let’s take it and run with it. It might be our last chance to better our situations.

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