Sour Patch candies – Struggle of a Gemini

The truth is, this is my life now.

I know who I want to be a part of it and I know who doesn’t want me in theirs. It’s quite clear and I’m not complaining at all. I just think that I always over think things and get carried away with my thoughts. Most times I end up depressing myself with all the negative things that slowly lingers from the back of my mind. BUT, that’s the struggle.

The struggle of a Gemini. For so long I can easily get sucked in the abnormal mind-state. I know that a lot of assumptions and the “jumping to conclusions” can take a toll on me.

See, I’d like to think of being a Gemini as overly compassionate. Almost, like a sour patch- sweet and sours. “First they’re sour, then they’re sweet.” Yep, one half of me couldn’t give a damn about you, the next is super positive and all good vibes comin’ your way. It really depends on the time of day you catch a Gemini. It depends on the mood catch and be lucky if it’s a good one.

It sounds scary, but those who get a long well with Geminis really have no problem. I know for me, I personally, have a specific friend who I can’t stand (Gemini), but I am cool with. It’s just a friend who I knew was extremely over-dramatic and couldn’t be around for so long. It’s about almost 10 years ago since we’ve been close, but you catch my drift. Too many Gems in the room could back-fire and cause more harm than fun.

It is what is.

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