Good Friday

Today’s Good Friday and what Good a Friday it is.

I woke up feeling great and excited to head to my internship interview. Day by day, regardless of my hardships and financial troubles, I feel like all the hard work and dedication I’m putting in for my future is going to pay off in the end. I finally get to show established companies what I’m all about. My drive for success will lead me in the right direction. One door closed and another door opened (quite quickly I might add). I successfully complete 120 hours at my very first internship with a Production Company in West Hollywood. That was very fun and I loved being there and working there. I certainly learned a lot and do not regret any crazy train/bus rides to and from. It’s quite an amazing feeling accomplishing such task.

I’m feel content, happy, and more comfortable with what I want to do as a career for my future. The best feeling about it all is making my parents proud in the process. I kind of wish I am graduating this semester instead of spring because I’m ready to venture out into the world and get my career started. I’m excited to see where it all goes. Only time will tell.

I’m not sure how long my post is going to be for, but I have to start cleaning up a bit and get ready because I shall be at my mom’s for a week. JP’s going to work tonight at 10pm-8am and then he’s going to Vegas with his brother to help take care of their sister’s newborn twins. I would go if I didn’t have school this upcoming week, what a bummer.

Happy are we and happy are those who stay happy. Haha, I don’t know I just felt like saying something quirky.

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