How much of “Reality” Shows are really “Reality?”

I barely and rarely watch TV these days. The only shows I usually watch are “One Tree Hill” and “Hellcats.” Anything on the Style Channel will have me glued to the tube as well.

Today I got stuck watching a couple of “Reality” Shows that I really wanted to laugh and ask if these are seriously not comedies or a parody of a reality show. Shows these days are ridiculous and it just seems that “Reality” TV has taken over. How much of is real? How much of it is scripted? I was watching “Love and Hip Hop,” “Beverly Hills Fabulous,” and “Mobwives” on VH1. Will somebody please tell me these shows are just parodies?!

Does this guy, “Elgin” from “Beverly Hills Fabulous” look like Steve Harvey’s twin?! Come on man! What is this? I swear this show is a j-o-k-e. I should probably give you a quick snippet background of what these shows are about. The “Beverly Hills Fabulous” show is about a salon that lives on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills via the “Elgin Charles Salon.” Supposedly Elgin’s ex-wife is the “Lisa” (Mom from Sister Sister with Tia and Tamera Mowry). I guess that show is based on that salon.

“Mobwives” is about a show of women that have fathers or husbands locked up for being a gangster mob. They live in Staten Island and are filthy rich. The point of their show is to show how they regain their lives without these men and try to live “regular,” single mother lives. Seriously, are you kidding me? Gangster mobs? -__-

I still don’t even know what the point of the “Love and Hip Hop” show is about. It barely had any “hip hop” and “love” besides the episode I saw with the women Crissy? proposing to her long-time immature boyfriend. I guess Olivia is an “up and coming” singer and is trying to make it in the entertainment business. But mostly, I just saw a group of grown women acting like children. Tsk Tsk.

I cannot fathom the concept of these shows. I also question the legitimacy of these characters on these shows. I’m amazed at how these characters/actors/reality stars (or however you want to refer to them) portray themselves in the way that they do in these shows. I also want to know why these shows have grown in viewership and why they do that they do. Seriously.

I won’t lie, they’re idiotic story lines and “drama” make “good” TV in a sense that they’re SO STUPID that they’re addicting. I guess what draws me in, personally, is the fact that people out there would really act the way that they do. It’s a mess.

I can’t believe we pay for programs like these. Even though they’re so ridiculous I can’t help but watching to see what these stupid characters have in store. Some are such good “actors” that I start to “feel” for their screenplay show. I don’t know anymore.

I question everything and what not these days because I feel like I’ve been lied to my whole life. I am much more aware, cynical, and curious of what is “real” and what is not out there in the world. Media, society, and all the institutions. Things just feel so indefinitely wrong and construed. Too bad, I can’t point my fingers in the right direction.

For now, they’re just my own opinions and for now, I’ll just sit back with the popcorn and watch the foolishness happen around me.

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