Hello Love & being in Love

These past couple of days I put aside my pride and ego and realized that my selfishness could break me and break the great relationship I have with my boyfriend. Fortunately, he’s patient enough to allow me to lower my sturdy, bratty attitude and grow from within on my own.

I cannot help, but express, how even though we’ve been together for 2 year, 1 month, and some 16 days (and counting), I still get the jitterbugs and butterflies just thinking about him and when I am actually with him. It’s completely cheesy, but most importantly, it’s completely true.

I can’t help but feel like, he makes me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. I feel so happy and full-hearted, that nothing can break me down. I’m happy with my life and I am trying to stay positive despite all the financial troubles I currently have. And it’s easier to do with so much unconditional love and support at your side at all times. I cannot even express in words how grateful and appreciative I am. With every rough trial God gives me in the end, I know that he gives them to me because he knows I am capable of getting through them successfully.

When you wake up every morning and go to sleep every night thinking about who you picture in your mind who you see spending the rest of your life with, I do not think it is pure lust. I also do not think it’s this “Honeymoon” phase, although, I have many more years to actually experience to determine that. Than I can quite sure feel like I’m optimistic and hopeful for the future.

Call it cheesy, hopeless romantic, unreal, or whatever makes you feel mentally complacent with how you want to word it, but I know what I feel, I know it cannot be denied and no one can tell me otherwise.

Friend, Best Friend, and Lover. There’s no greater feeling than the feeling of security, happiness, warmth, joy, and love that I feel in the arms and heart of John Paul Edosada.

Hello Love & being in Love. ❤

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