Hi, my name is Hazzle and I’m a shoppaholic

So lately, my eyes have been stuck on the Style Channel. Back when I did have cable to watch, I used to be glued to that channel. I’ve always been into fashion and makeup. I’m not an expert, but I rock what I like. My favorite items are usually extremely affordable and I find beauty in odd things. I like to shop in sales racks instead of heading for the expensive brands. It’s been a while I’ve gone shopping, but I think it’s a little safe to say that I have a problem when it comes to spending money. I don’t even have much money to spend, but I still find myself spending on things I know I shouldn’t. But my mentality is, “Fuck it. I might die tomorrow so I’ll just do whatever I want now. I want to be happy.” So I find much joy in the things I purchase. I know my limits, but at the same time I know that I don’t.

Anyways, the main point of this entry was to introduce the new thing I’m incorporating into my blog. I’m going to start posting pictures of me in the outfits I wear, in the clothes, accessories, and makeup that I like and own. And just anything that I feel inspired by.

The things I rock are things I like. No proclamations of expertise or vanity. Just to express my passion for fashion, as well as a makeup enthusiast. So hope you enjoy my first fashion entry!

Blurry but I like this one of my dogs. Roxie on the left and Kahlua on the right.

Photographer: JP Edosada
Cardigan/Ring/earrings/Tights: Forever 21
Watch: Hello Kitty watch
Shorts: Some random store at the Mainplace Mall
Bandeau: Love Culture
Purse: H&M
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Headband: Target

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