Signs of Aging

I’ve been suffering from pretty difficult migraines lately. And it wasn’t even until the other day when I discovered that what I’ve been experiencing were actual migraines, per say. I thought I was just feeling sick. I asked my mom and aunt what the difference was between a headache and a migraine and they said that a migraine makes you feel nauseas and your eyes tend to be more sensitive to light. Other symptoms include pain in the temple and forehead areas. I don’t understand why lately, I’ve been experiencing excruciating pain. I just feel so dizzy and nauseas, that along with a headache. It’s like getting so painful, that I don’t want to do anything but lay down and close my eyes. Sometimes it helps when I take some herbal remedies; which I wish I could actually use a session right now.

So, my boyfriend just asked me what am I doing and what am I blogging about now. I told him the subject was my recent migraines, and he suggested I write about his pain. He claims to have arthritis in his wrist and he has cold sores in his mouth.

“It ain’t what it used to be.”- He said.

And he’s sure damn right about that. We’re getting older and it’s showing through our bodies. We don’t have the stamina and energy we’ve once had. Although we’ve managed to still have a somewhat athletic tone (or what’s left of it), we’re just not as strong as we used to be. He’s only 23, turning 24 this June. I am only 22, turning 23 this May. Things are just changing and we feel like we’re aging so much faster. All our lives we’ve been involved in sports and maintained a good habit of going to the gym after we graduated high school. We’ve become lazy and stopped going to the gym. But that is just to say the least because he actually plays basketball at the park and gym religiously, up until his messed up wrist. It’s swollen and too painful to move, yet he self diagnosed himself with arthritis. He says that it just started hurting out of no where.

The weird thing is, I remember one of our first couple dates he had the same problem, but it wasn’t as severe. It was Valentines Day back in 2009 and we went on a date to get some sushi and walk around Downtown Disney. I remember he had a swollen wrist. This thing comes and goes, but lately it’s been at its worst. He’s a nurse and he’s stubborn. I heard nurses are the most stubborn patients. My boyfriend is living proof.

I know that maybe stress can be a factor to my migraine issues and not to mention my bad eating habits. It’s as if the older we get, the busier we get, the more stressed we get, the more vulnerable our bodies become, and then we wrinkle up, shrivel up, and eventually die. Sad; this is our cycle of life.

We don’t know why these things are happening to our bodies, but one thing is for sure. We’re getting old.

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