Old&New friends alike

Reaching out to old friends…

Nothing urks me more than a non-response from “friends” who don’t acknowledge me “reaching out.” It’s been apparent that some people don’t feel or see that I’m a “true friend.” I figured whether or not distance or time has separated us, “true friendship” disregards all that and unconditional love conquers. I’ve been wanted to blog about this topic for a while, but was sidetracked with all other life’s situations. I guess, it just really bothers me that I haven’t been able to reach out to the full extent as I’d like to, but isn’t it a two-way streak anyways? I guess, throughout life, people really do come and go, but those who keep in touch are those that may be there forever. I guess it’s just that I’ve been missing a lot of people lately, and sometimes when I do reach out, even if it is via internet, I feel like it should count for something. There are a lot of numbers that I no longer have on my phone because ever since I switched from my blackberry to my current motorola cliq, I lost a lot of my numbers. I guess I just wanted to vent that it kind of hurst my feelings when people decide that responding to me is unnecessary. It’s like I know we’re all busy, but I really do care deep down about you. Whether or not we used to be close or are barely acquaintances, know that you have been a part of my life one way or another. It kind of discourages me that to “reach out” to others because I feel like I won’t get some kind of a response in return. But maybe, I’m insignificant in their lives now, which is understandable.

Unfortunately, time has widened the gap between our friendships.

Whether we like what happens or not we all will live on, continuing to make new friends and we see people come in go. It’s the cycle that is inevitable. I accept all that has come of it.

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