Monday Ramblings

Currently in the Library, just finished munching on lunch and I will ramble on with random shinanigans going on in me brain before my mac dies and before I actually get to getting some work done. I’m not even sure if these stupid outlets work near here, but I figured, I need to get a lot of reading done here anyways.

Chips and subway sandwhiches are like fries and a burger, they just need to go together right? Ha.

Man you know what I hate, I hate that growing out real nails could be such a pain. I’ve never kept mine in such nice shape and condition, but the only sucky thing is that it chips quickly. I need strengthening polish or something to strengthen my nails. It’s annoying me so much that I’m tempted to cut all of my nails short to grow them out evenly again. It’s making it difficult to type. Bleh. On my left hand, my middle finger was chipped so I had to cut it short this morning and then on my right hand I have 3 fingers short. Ha, oh how hard it is to be a woman sometimes. I just never had the patience to sit and do my nails and that’s why they were always so jenky looking, reason why I liked to get them professionally done. But now I’m all out of funds and have to make the best of what I have. Luckily I have such talented family members. I usually have my sister paint my nails or my cousin. My cousin does all the fancy designs. Right now my nails are a vibrant pinkish purple thing. Thanks Kris!

It’s the first day back from spring break and it isn’t so much of a drag than I thought it would be. But it was difficult having to get up in the morning, I just wanted to sleep in. Enough bs-ing though, I gotta get shit done! Time is running thin and I must get done what I need to get done! Luckily, I managed to secure a spot in the basement of the library because it’s always full. -____-

It’s weird because I always have so many thoughts running through my head and yet when I try to blog what I want to say, my mind goes somewhat blank. Okay, I don’t understand why it works that way.

I guess we can do a recap of my spring break, but I must say, there really isn’t much to say about it. It was mostly chill. Ha, see told you there wasn’t much to say. Well on Wednesday my cousin, Kathy and her boyfriend went to Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive with me and JP. It was cool just site seeing because I’ve never been there. And then we went to Millions of Milkshakes after. It was pretty good. Didn’t take any pictures there, but here are the pics from Rodeo Drive.

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