COD Black Ops

Is it safe to say that I have senioritis and it’s not even my last semester of college? I have one more semester after this and I’m completely feeling soooo over it all. 5 years of college and I don’t think I can stand another day.

A-D-D style and I must say that I cannot, absoutely, CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT, sit here and read like I’m supposed to, maybe I should just drop out of college. haha JKKKK. So anyways, here’s a picture of my boyfriend and I posing before indulging in a game of Black Ops. Ok, so you’re probably wondering since when did I become a gamer? Well, I’ve always liked playing video games, but just not religiously. I also was never really too good at them. But I did proudly grow up with Super Nintendo and played the infamous, Super Mario Bros. I also owned a Playstation (original) and played games like Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider. I also had the big, fat, original, grey Gameboy. My favorite game to play on that was the Bomberman. I later upgraded with the Color Gameboy and was stuck on the Pokemon series for awhile, as well as some MaryKate and Ashley mystery game. Yep. That’s my video game history.

So lately, I’ve been partly (to say the least) obsessed with zombie shootings on Black Ops. My boyfriend insisted I try it once and I was hooked. I’m so motivated to keep playing and just get better. I’m not that great, but I can honestly say I’m improving. My first zombie session I got to level 19 with my boyfriend, of course the game ended when he died just once. I die a lot, but like I said I’m trying to get better. I’ve been playing a little bit almost everyday. This picture was taken on my favorite day of my spring break because it was the most perfect day spent. Bummed it out and spent time with my boyfriend and our doggies. It was so relaxing, I secretly wish I can live the rest of my life that way. But, we all know it’s a fantasy that is impossible to live, but a girl can dream right? Haha, anyways, I’ve been criticized as someone to become a “follower” because out of no where, I like to play video games, but really I like to play Black Ops and 2k11. I really don’t mind it. I just have to be in the “mood” to play. Once that opportunity passes, I won’t be willing to throw a couple hours out the window trying to virtually hoop it up or beheading zombies with a powerful shotgun. Let’s just embrace the mood that lately I have been willing to play. So let’s get to it! My boyfriend’s XBOX live ID is ScoobJPE33 and just so you know, he’s really good. I’m not even buttering him up (that sounds fun though). But all jokes aside, and all seriousness, I really do think he is good. 2k11 and Black Ops altogether, whether you want to challenge him or play on his team, it’s worth a try. So hit us up for a challenge you won’t regret! 🙂

Girl gamers can be hyped, but it’s not as rare as it once used to be. I can tell you that my cousin, Kathy, has always been into these games and she’s not so bad herself. She plays on her Playstation and has a pink controller for her Xbox. Can you say dope? Let’s find me a purple controller and I’ll be even more motivated to play more. 🙂 I only just started playing and I can NOW see how it’s addicting. Just so you know, I’m not playing for the hype. I can now say I have a new found hobby. There’s definitely a rush in massively massacring zombies in bloodshed. There’s a stress relief in dire need inside of us all. So instead of being quick to say no when handed the controller, try it. Maybe you could even take a PuffPuffPass session before you play if you’re skeptical.

The funny thing about me playing is that I get super into the game and I scream and jump everywhere. It’s a flaw because it ruins my concentration when I’m trying to accomplish my goals in the game, but I’m learning to control those fearful emotions and remember that it’s just a video game. My boyfriend even got mad at me because I ruined his controller by digging my nail in the rubber left joystick. How we learned I was the culprit, was finding tiny rubber shavings next to my fingers after a playing session. Oops! Mah bad!

Anyways, so thinking about it is really making me want to play. So I’m write more later about it if I haven’t covered it all already!

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