Note to self: Don’t fall back in the D. hole

No April Fool Jokes coming from my way.

So as much as I’ve been trying to get past my difficulties, I can’t help but feel a little bit more down today. Yesterday I got a text from my mom telling me that my dad was admitted into the ER again. He had a high fever and then he had another infection. He went in when he was getting his dialysis. I don’t know any more details. I called him yesterday after my internship and he said he was doing better. His fever went down and that he’d go home today. I feel so bad because today I wasn’t able to go into my internship again.

There’s just so much going on. My favorite day this week was Monday. Not a care in the world. Me and babe just bummed it and played Black Ops and spent a lot of time with our dogs. We made kbbq stuff and everything about that day was so relaxing. But everyday starts has to end at one point.

Everything is just getting more intense in the “real world.” I’m starting to fall back in the depression whole because I’m shit out of luck when it comes to my financial situation. It’s been that way pretty much most of my life. But I always try to keep my head up. There just comes a point when you have to break down because you can’t hold it in anymore. I feel like I’m so numb to the situation now that I don’t even know how to “break down” anymore.

I will keep on praying and I will keep on hustling. I need to find a summer job and save up or something. It’s just getting ridiculous being this broke. I wanted to try to find a summer internship, but I don’t know how things would work out without a car.. since I’m behind with updates, I shall just go ahead and post other entries.

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