Night out in Downtown Pasadena


Saturday was pretty fun. Got a little bit more fucked up then I thought I would. I rolled to his lounge in Downtown Pasadena with one of my besties, Dan. Her boyfriend is in this band, Crossroads. He’s the guy all the way to the left. They’re band is pretty good and played a good amount of raggae tunes. I wouldn’t mind seeing them again to perform. I like raggae a lot. Met some of Stephen’s friends and family, it was pretty chill. I’m glad I went. It was something new and different. The lounge wasn’t too crazy, mostly chill. I guess the funniest part of the trip to me was when we actually got lost when were just trying to find parking. LOL. I mean maybe at the time is wasn’t that funny because I started feeling bad that he might be late to his performance. But yeah, we just went to go look for parking and ended up going to every end of Downtown Pasadena. But on the upside of it, I was getting a tour because I never been in that area before. I definitely want to go back. There’s a nice shopping area there too. Man, there’s just too many places to visit in the world, not enough time. Another highlight was meeting Finfin’s cousin who is in her early 30’s and she’s dope as hell. Found a new possible hair stylist because I needs to get mah hair did. Haha, yeah. she’s pretty cool though. The band that performed before Crossroads was this band that resembled No Doubt music. They had 3 white guys and 1 tiny asian girl singer. She was cute. Mad rock vocals on her. Or metal type music? I don’t know, don’t hate me because I don’t really listen to that type of music, but I’m open! It was nice because all their proceeds were going to Japan relief and RedCross Japan. That pretty much sums of my Saturday night.

Dan and I
Nicole (Dan's sis) and I
Helen (Finfin's cousin) and Dan
Dan and her bf, Stephen (Finfin)

So now i’m at 34% with my mac’s bat life and it’s almost 1pm so, an hour and some till my next class. Debating if I should get up and look around if there’s room for 1 inside this Outpost. Ugh. I hate it during crowded hours. Specially in this kind of weather. But yeah. Hmm..

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