Frostbite in me fingers

The perfect picture to emphasize today’s gloom. Despite today’s horribly cold weather, my positive mentality doesn’t usually reflect the day’s weather. Typically, I subconsciously tend to be super bummed on gloomy days. But today, the weather doesn’t stop me and I am slowly getting through my day with a positive mentality.

It’s difficult to keep such composure with the physical state I am in right now (numb fingers, which make it difficult to type). Not only do I have numb fingers, my entire body is freezing. Oh us, Socal residents… so overdramatic, right? Boohoo.. Haha. So the picture above was taken by my camera for a journalism assignment. We went around taking random pictures, including landscape, portrait, and close-up. This is probably my 2nd or 3rd fav. pic of the bunch. Man, I have no idea how I am capable of typing right now. I have class at 2pm and I know that the Horn Center and Library will be packed, oh and the USU. On rainy days, people fill up buildings quick. I’m actually ok with it raining today because I wore my rainboots and came completely bummy to school, no makeup or anything. Yeah, it’s one of those days. I would give anything to be a snug bug with my boo right now. He’s probably all comfortable under the covers with the heater. 😦 I’m so jealous. I have 2 more classes to go to today and I must just suck it up. Ugh. Anyways, on that positivity tip..

So the ride to school was not a surprise. Just breaks my heart because I feel so helpless and I want to be of some kind of help. But what is there that I can do? Besides offer endless unconditional love. Well, I shall just do what I think all I can do and that’s just be loving, supportive, positive, and open-minded. Losing hope and giving up is not going to accomplish anything. If no one wants to step up to the maturity plate than I will. Hopefully others take my lead. That’s what I’m aiming for, the spread of love. I know corny, but I’m  being serious. So I hope I inspire you in some kind of way.

Let’s hope this long, gloomy day doesn’t drag along super slow. I feel like buying a cup of coffee and warming myself up in some building. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe I’m sitting out here.

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