Sex on the beach..

.. is my favorite drink, but not to be confused with the “act” of having sex on the beach. Which by the way have I yet to experience (chuckles to self). Speaking of the Beach, let’s look back on my beautiful journey I have gracefully survived at THEE Long State Beach.

Woke up this morning with the urge to pee. Don’t you hate when you’re super comfy and find yourself subconsciously ignoring that urge? Yep, it was one of those mornings.

Hair messily tied up, with a black headband to slick back the short layered baby hairs hovering my face, and putting together a somewhat well-put together outfit for a Monday’s long school day. Sporting the look with a “fresh” looking face, complete with a nice tanned foundation, “natural” looking filled-in eyebrows, rosy cheeks, white eyeliner, and defined thick lashes. Skipping the winged-eyeliner tends to make me look sleepy and usually people are not used to seeing my face without it. I just felt like lately, I’ve been wanting to go for the more “natural” look.

As my college days near its end, I can’t help but feel super productive, confident, and proud with my past, present, and future. This is the Last Spring Semester I will ever have at CSULB, therefore this will be my last Spring Break of college ever! Can you believe it?! I actually MIGHT take a BIO class at Cypress this summer because of my ‘F’ from a semesters back, which will be the last general education class I need to fulfill in order to complete my graduation requirements. My actual Last Semester will be this Fall 2011. I will endure on a final journalism class and 3 additional “fun” elective courses. I might take up tennis, hip hop dance class, and a self-defense maybe? Should be a fun last semester.

22-years-old and I’m finally seeing my life in a completely new perspective. Although, having a “mid-college-life-crisis” a couple of semesters back, I’ve managed to get over that phase and start this year with an optimistic outlook. Everything really is falling into place and I can’t even express it enough how grateful I am for having the Lord guide me the whole way through.

I’m so ready to venture out into the “real world” or what have you. Im feeling more and more confident each day that my life will turn out “A-Okay.” Regardless of all the stress and energy (or lack thereof) I can’t help but feel so utterly delighted with which path I’m being led to.

Yeah, so everyone has their emotional break downs every once in a while and has their EPIC, nervous breakdowns and what not. Can you say HUMAN? Okay, MAAAAYBE, in the past mine have been more on the over-dramatic end (ask anyone close to me). But still, I can proudly say I have changed (or in process of) for the better. I am learning and maturing in every way possible an I couldn’t say how proud I feel. And not to mention how I’m making my parents feel.

The funniest thing about recent conversations with parents lately have been quite interesting because they always seemed to revolve back to the “marriage talk.” WHY do I feel like there’s been subtle hints about when I’m gonna get married? EVERYONE RELAX!! I’m only 22-years-old! Going on 23 this year (don’t know if that’s a thing to look forward to or not). But anyways, my dad’s been lecturing me about the whole marriage thing. Wow, that’s when I KNOW time has flown by, I don’t remember ever thinking to myself when my parents will give me thee “MARRIAGE talk.” Oh and then my family took a little mini-road trip to San Juan Capistrano and attended mass at the beautiful church (my mom showed me pictures and then mentioned that me and JP should get married there). How ironic that every time I’ve seen my dad, he’s been mentioning wanting grandchildren and when are we getting married.
SLOW YOUR ROLL! That’s what I say because as I end my college career with a BANG, I surely will need to keep in mind that MY CAREER will come before having a family of my own. And best believe, I’m on thee right track, for now. SO don’t be expecting anything of the sort anytime soon. At least for some more years.

After getting a stable job, living in a content financial situation, I will want to embark on global traveling journeys. These are my goals and I will do anything to get where I want to be!

Anyways, So much for the rambling. I can’t forget to mention the gratitude I must express for my professors throughout my college career. Since a Freshmen in 2006 at CSULB, I definitely felt that some professors inspired me and some of my favorite professors here continue to inspire me. There’s so much I could say that it’d HAVE to be another blog entry of its own. But for now, this entry will have to suffice.

Hopefully that book I hope to write one day will become a reality. Wishful thinking or…..

Good day to you all!

4 thoughts on “Sex on the beach..

  1. Yea, I went through the whole graduating college experience last year. It is a good mix of excitement and sadness to leave school.

    I tried writing a book but I didn’t have the attention span for it. Blogging is where I am more comfortable I guess. But if you ever want some stranger to proofread what you write I’d be more than okay with doing that.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t even know anyone actually reads my stuff. But thanks for the kind gesture, I’ll keep that in mind! (:

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