Make-up Junkie

So on my tumblr account I started this thing where I wanted to start reviewing make-up products that I use(d). I’m going to start doing it again on this blog. I already had a couple reviews on there, but I’ll do them again on the same products. I don’t think I ever see myself deleting this blog site.

I’m such a nerd. I always get really excited when I buy new make-up. Today I went to Target to get one thing, but ended up buying a couple of other things including a pretty pink lipstick and I finally got a Sonia Kashuk brush. I’ve been hearing about Sonia Kashuk brushes for a long time now and have been meaning to buy some. They are good quality and are just as good as professional brushes. I’m so proud of my recent make-up collection. My taste has definitely been growing and I even find simple pleasures in drugstore brands.

I got a really pretty pink lipstick by Revlon. One of my best friend’s has been raving on about their lipsticks and for 6 bucks I just had to try it. I’ll probably/ most likely post a review about it later. So I’ve been really trying to find a good pink colored lipstick and I just tried it on right now and I’m pretty happy about how it looks on. Hmm..

Lately, I’ve also been trying to perfect the “Kim Kardashian-smokey-eye” look and it definitely does take practice! I can confidently say that I’m getting better at it. I don’t own too many Mac eyeshadows, but my neutral palette is running low and I wouldn’t mind making a trip to Mac to buy some more. It’s my absolute favorite eyeshadow bunch of all that I own. I actually can use them to make a natural look or even a going out type of look.

Anyways, I actually really look forward to writing about my make-up reviews soon! Till then, see yah!

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