Love is..

Love is…

Love is risking all.

Love is a direct connection from day 1.

Love is to be in love.

Love is driving to see him with barely any gas left.

Love is keeping your patience during times he makes you want to pull your hair out.

Love is staying strong through the toughest times of all.

Love is never stop thinking about him.

Love is being sprung 24/7.

Love is hopeless.

Love is crazy.

Love is happiness.

Love is joy.

Love is picturing yourself with no one else.

Love is your soulmate.

Love is a never ending list of what your personal thoughts of what love is.

Love is more than you’ll ever be able to describe.

Love is being able to give a small moment of your time to him, even with your busy schedule.

Love is never forgetful.

Love is always going to be there regardless of what happens; good or bad.

Love is forgiving.

Love is melting every time his deep, dark, brown eyes, pierce your eyes and into your heart.

Love is feeling weak-kneed every time he kisses you gently with his soft warm lips.

Love is feeling a mutual passion for one another through the powerful, tasteful kiss you share.

Love is humble.

Love is mutual.

Love is respect.

Love is giving.

Love is your very own perception.

Love is confusing.

Love is always craving to be in his strong and tender embrace.

Love is smiling through your face and your heart.

Love is never ending.

Love is being able to tell one another how annoying they may get.

Love is fighting, but making up.

Love is powerful, yet so gentle.

Love is demanding, yet so understanding.

Love is unquestionable.

Love steals your heart away.

Love eats you alive.

Love is sleeping in deep sleeps together.

Love is being endlessly silly together.

Love is eating like two damn pigs everyday.

Love is motivation to better oneself.

Love is the best feeling in the world.

Love is being in love with John Paul Edosada.(:

(Love is to be continued…)

I love you babe. (: mushy mushy mushy mushy. oh hush up. u lol_83fb3c58405c4eb6833af0913d8b9ed4ve it.


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