WTF. Hazzle has a twitter??

I always swore to myself that I would NEVER make a twitter account. Yet here I am blogging that I have unfortunately, resorted to conforming to one of society’s most popular site, Twitter. I deleted my myspace and deactivated my facebook (which I’m thinking about reactivating; means of communication). And have resorted to Twitter. EW. OKAY, TO MAKE THINGS CLEAR, one of the only reasons I have created this account is to receive extra credit from my journalism teacher for following him on twitter, in relation to posts concerning the class (global media).

I’ll try to look at this new thing as an exeriment and see the bigger picture of it all. Like see the logistics of following trends of society. Everyone falls into those conformists traps every once in a while. I’ll just take the scientific perspective of it this time. So if you feel like I’m interesting enough (which at this point you probably do think I am because you’re still reading this) you can follow me on twitter I guess.

have fun… that was sarcasm by the way.

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